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In the interest of providing preliminary, and ongoing support of site planning and space allocation pertaining to proposed lithotripsy installation sites, Karl Storz Lithotripsy is pleased to offer personalized and dedicated resources to assist in the planning process. This service is offered free of charge and is made available for proposed mobile and fixed equipment applications.

Due to the wide range of local, municipal, provincial, and state licensing requirements/restrictions, this service is limited to preparation and presentation of layout drawings, and information indicating options for equipment positioning, workflow, and utility connections specific to the equipment configuration under consideration. *All structural, environmental, electrical, and mechanical design and/or compliance pertaining to building or transport vehicle is and will remain the responsibility of the customer. Our technical services staff is experienced in working closely with architects, engineers, contractors, and end-users to provide all pertinent information required in which to make this a seamless process.

All room/site drawings provided by KSLA are intended to demonstrate the easiest and most cost effective plan. Our resources are made available throughout the planning and installation process to address and help resolve any questions or issues which may arise. Ultimately, our goal is always timely and successful completion of any lithotripsy site, thus consistently delivering productive operations to a satisfied customer.

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